What does the “Allow Calls From” feature do?

Allow Calls From lets you decide which calls you’d like Firewall to screen. If you need to pause Firewall for longer than 1 hour or you need a stretch of uninterrupted time with zero calls, just edit this setting!

You can set the app to allow calls from your Whitelist, from All Callers or from Nobody. Go to Settings in the bottom right corner of the app, then tap Allow Calls From and select one of these options:



Only calls from contacts on your whitelist come through. This is the default setting for Firewall. Any numbers that are not on your whitelist and not spam will be automatically screened. While you won’t see the screened call when it comes in, you’ll be able to see the call on the Recents page afterwards. You can add contacts to your whitelist at any time by going to the Whitelist page.

All Callers

This will allow all calls to come through to your phone. This is ideal when you have a few hours where you’re expecting a call from a number not on your whitelist, when your internet is being installed, or when you are waiting to hear back for an interview.


No calls will come through to your device, including those on your whitelist.

Tapping  Pause Firewall will also let all calls come through for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour. You can also remove Firewall entirely by disabling forwarding, which will let all calls go through to your device.

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