Does Firewall work with Google Voice?

You can use Firewall with a Google Voice number, just make sure to update your whitelist! You'll need to add any contacts that call your Google Voice number to your whitelist on Firewall or their calls will be screened.

When someone calls your Google Voice number, that call is forwarded to your account number (main cell phone number) and then it's forwarded again to a Firewall number. The inbound Caller ID that the Firewall system registers will be the phone number of the person calling you. If that person's number isn't saved to your whitelist in Firewall, then the call will be automatically screened.

If you want to use a secondary phone number with Firewall, then we suggest using the Burner app! On Burner, you can switch the Caller ID to show the Burner number instead of the Caller ID of the inbound caller. That way you only have to save your Burner number to your whitelist in Firewall, and all calls going to your Burner number will be whitelisted.

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