How do I set up customized voicemails?

Firewall lets you create two separate custom voicemail messages. You can personalize each of the voicemails so that you can have one voicemail for whitelisted callers and one for all other callers. This would be a good place to let people who aren't on your whitelist know that you don't recognize their number and the call was screened.

To customize your voicemail, go to Settings and tap Voicemail Greetings.

You’ll see the default voicemail greetings for both whitelisted callers and all other calls. If you tap in either of the grey text fields, you can edit the message to say what you want.

Tap Done and give the app a few seconds to save the voicemail, and you’ll be all set! When someone reaches your voicemail, they’ll hear an automated voice response reading your saved message.

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