Incoming Call Modes

What are incoming call modes?

Call modes let you decide which calls come through and when. Switch your mode up depending on what calls you want to answer!

You can select the incoming call mode from Settings

Whitelisted Only

If you select this mode, only calls from your whitelist will come through. This is the default setting for Firewall. Any numbers that are not on your whitelist and are not spam will be automatically screened. You can add contacts to your whitelist at any time by going to the Whitelist page. You can also quickly pause Whitelist mode for up to 3 days. 

Block or Screen All Calls

If you select this mode, no calls will come through. Known robocallers will be hung up on immediately, and all other calls (contacts or unknown numbers) will go directly to voicemail where the caller can leave a message. You will still get notifications when a call has been blocked or screened, or a voicemail has been left.

Block Known Robocalls

If you select this mode, all calls will come through except for calls from known robocallers. If a number is a known robocallers, the call will not ring through. You'll see a missed call in your device's Recents. When using this mode, you have the option to select how your calls are handled. You can use Firewall for calls, or you can use iPhone for alls. If you select iPhone for calls, you will need to disable forwarding to Firewall to continue.

Keep in mind when using your iPhone for calls instead of Firewall, you must enable Call Blocking from your device's settings.

Settings > Phone > Call Blocking and Identification

Allow All Calls

If you select this mode, all calls will come through. This is ideal when you have a few hours where you’re expecting a call from a number not on your whitelist, when your internet is being installed, or when you are waiting to hear back for an interview.

Keep in mind that if you select Allow All Calls, you will have to disable forwarding to disconnect Firewall from your phone number. When you want to set up forwarding again, you can do so right from Call Modes! Selecting either of the other two call modes will set up forwarding once more.

If you select Block or Screen All Calls, Allow All Calls or Block Known Robocallers, you will receive a notification in 24 hours to remind you that you selected that mode, in case you want to change the call mode.

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