How does Firewall work?

Firewall blocks all spam calls and screens any number that isn’t in your whitelist. The app forwards your phone number to a Firewall number, so any inbound calls that come to your main cell number then get forwarded to the Firewall system.

During onboarding, we’ll let you create a whitelist from your device contacts which you can add to or remove from at anytime. If a number is saved to your whitelist, Firewall will connect the call! If a number isn’t saved in your whitelist, Firewall will block the inbound call from that number. Firewall will automatically send all screened calls to voicemail and transcribe the call for you.

If you need calls to come through for unknown numbers, not to worry! You can pause Firewall at any time or add those numbers to your whitelist later on.

Firewall is currently only available on iPhones, although we hope to be expanding to an Android app soon! 

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