How much does Firewall cost?

Firewall is free to download through the App Store, and there’s only one price! 

We are constantly working on improving the app so that customers are getting the best product and value, so our pricing is subject to change.

All use of Firewall is subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Free Trial

All customers who sign up through the App Store on their iPhone get a free trial of Firewall.

The free trial comes with full Firewall functionality for blocking robocalls, including whitelisting, calling from a Temporary Number and custom voicemails.

Keep in mind that, unless cancelled before the trial ends, you will be charged for a Firewall subscription.


At $3.99/month, Firewall is one of the best priced robocall blocker apps out there! The subscription also includes a customizable Whitelist, customizable voicemails, and Calling from a Temporary Number

If your subscription expires, you'll need to restore it in order to continue using the app and its services.

Note: Firewall works by forwarding your calls to a Firewall number. If you’re on an older phone plan that charges for call forwarding, you might experience extra charges from your carrier. 
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