How do I set up Firewall?

You’ll need to download Firewall and select a calling mode so the app can stop unwanted calls. Keep in mind that Firewall is currently only available on iPhones, but we hope to be releasing an Android version of the app soon!

First, download Firewall from the App Store on your phone, then tap Open once it’s finished. Once the app is open, you’ll see a screen explaining how the app works. Tap Next to enter your main cell phone number, then tap Sign Up.


Once you enter your main cell number, a verification code will be texted to your cell. Enter the verification code in the app and tap  Submit to verify your account. Once you sign up, you’ll be prompted to accept our Terms of Service.

If you haven’t purchased a subscription, you’ll be taken to the subscription purchase page. You’ll see the option to start a free trial and once you agree to the trial, you’ll see the screen where you can select your calling mode. If you’ve already purchased a subscription, you will immediately be taken to the call modes.

From here, you can choose the level of screening that you’d like to use. 

Whitelisted Only mode will only allow calls from contacts that you’ve added to your whitelist. Only Block Known Robocalls will only filter calls from numbers that are known robocallers, but allow all other calls through. You can change this at any time from your Settings screen later if needed.

Here is where you can find more information on the different types of Call Modes.

If you select Whitelisted Only mode, you will need to forward your calls to the Firewall app so the app can screen your calls. Tap Forward to allow all calls that come to your main cell number to be forwarded to Firewall. After you initiate the call, you’ll see a greyed out screen that will show whether or not the forwarding succeeded. If the forwarding is successful, tap Dismiss. If forwarding is not successful, please reach out to our Support team at

Keep in mind that call forwarding cannot be turned on if you have Wi-Fi Calling enabled on your device! To turn off Wi-Fi Calling, open your device’s Settings page, tap Phone, then tap Wi-Fi Calling to toggle it off. 

Depending on your carrier and device, if forwarding is successful you might see the forwarding icon (a phone with an arrow) in the top left corner next to your carrier or on your iPhone's Control Center.


Once Firewall is connected, tap Verify forwarding and we’ll send you a test call from a Blocked number to verify that forwarding is set up. You’ll be able to see the successfully blocked call in your call log.

Next you’ll see a screen that lets you create your whitelist, a list of specified contacts whose calls will always go through. You can choose to whitelist all contacts from your device or manually add certain contacts to the whitelist.

Keep in mind that you do not have to give access to your device contacts to use Firewall! You only have to give Firewall access to your contacts if you'd like to automatically whitelist all device contacts. Without access to your device contacts, the app will screen everyone by default until numbers are manually whitelisted.


You’ll also be able to set up two separate custom voicemails, one for your whitelisted contacts and one for any other unwanted calls.


Next, you’ll see a page asking you to give Firewall access to your microphone and notifications. Granting access to these permissions will let you answer and make calls, and ensure that you see any incoming or missed calls. You must give the app access to your microphone for the app to work. Tap Finish and you’ll be taken to Recents.

Congratulations on setting up Firewall!  

If you choose the mode Only Block Known Robocalls, this will allow all calls through except for calls from known robocallers. If a number is a known robocaller, the call will not ring through. You'll see a missed call in your device's Recents.

You must enable Call Blocking from your device's settings if using this call mode.

Settings > Phone > Call Blocking and Identification

Congratulations on setting up Firewall!  

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